AVend SmartVending Remote API (“API”) provides an easy way to effect physical dispense of supported vending machines. This enables software-control dispense and opens up numerous new possibilities and use cases for vending machines.

The API is a based on the HTTP REST model. It provides Cart functionality for multiple-item dispense (“Multi-Vend”). It supports OAuth for robust operation.



  • An AVend SmatVending kit (“AVend kit”) is properly integrated with the target vending machine.
  • The AVend API middleware (“middleware”) installed on the AVend kit establishes an API host with an endpoint for the API calls.
  • An app key from the AAEON to interact with the AVend server. App key is issued after creating account with the AAEON
  • To use the remote API it is assumed that proper network setup is done on target vending machine


Get Token API

  • Token is required to interact with remote api. Token will expire in preconfigured timeout value or once dispense api is called.
  • api.avend.us/remote_dispense/?action='auth'&appkey='pre-asssgined account app key'
  • Response either TOKEN or ERROR CODE with error message

Subsequent API calls

  • This api is designed to handle the add, clear, remove the items to the cart and to dispense
  • Syntax:
  • api.avend.us/?token=v1&devid=v2&action=v3&code=v4
  • Where:
  • token, devid, action, code are required
  • v1 is the response to the GET TOKEN API
  • v2 is the targeted vending machine
  • v3 can be add | remove | clear | dispense
  • v4 can be digit or number based on the account setup for the targeted vending machine


  • To check the status of the disepnse.
  • Syntax:
  • api.avend.us/?token=v1&&action=getstatus


API Calls

API Call Description
api.avend.us/remote_dispense/?action='auth'&appkey='YOURAPPKEY' Get the token
api.avend.us/?token=token&devid=HAZ999&action=dispense&code=04 To dispense column 04 on targeted machine
api.avend.us/?token=token&devid=HAZ999&action=add&code=05 To add column 05 to the cart
api.avend.us/?token=token&devid=HAZ999&action=dispense To dispense the products already in the cart
api.avend.us/?token=token&devid=HAZ999&action=remove&code=05 To remove the product 05 from the cart
api.avend.us/?token=token&devid=HAZ999&action=clear To clear the cart